Friday, May 1, 2009


(A picture of us posing as if we're exhcanging vows to get a feel for the place)

So, my fiance's uncle is getting married the end of this May. I thought that had little to do with us until my FMIL said we HAVE to check out their venue to consider for our own wedding next year. She said it was a place she fell in love with. I was skeptical because I was not up to the idea for paying for a venue (we had another option-his grandfather is the Imam for a masjid, which is a place of worship for muslims).

However, my FI was very excited. He said if it was a good deal, why not check it out? Besides, he wanted to be able to drink champagne and play the music we liked. I agreed to go visit the place. That was last Friday.

This place allows for indoor/outdoor ceremonies. We first toured the inside. There was a dance floor/reception room with a mini bar separate in its own area. The space was adequate. They claim it can fit up to 200 people, though I wouldn't want to push it past a hundered. I wasn't too impressed until I saw the dressing rooms. The bride's room is so cutesy with a large vanity table and lacey chairs and it makes you feel warm and gooey inside. (Sorry I didn't take pics, I was too busy! You'll see it later). The groom's room was cool, a little smaller, but guys don't need a lot of room to change or put on their makeup.

Then, we toured the outisde of the area which is very popular for weddings. The gazebo was sooo cute! I could definitely see us doing a modest wedding here. Before I knew it, my FI put down the deposit and we had the following in tact:
  • 12 hours to do the ceremony outside/reception inside
  • 11 tables, tablecloths, chair covers and what I'd like to call "starter" centerpieces (mirrors with two votive candles)
  • access to the mixer to use with an Ipod
  • All of the chairs needed for 75-100 guests (inside and outside)
  • A dance floor

Aaaannd on top of that, because someone else in the family was already getting married there the owner gave us a discount. We got 12 hours on a Saturday in June for a weekday price, saving us around $500. We have until next summer to pay the full $2000 for everything and I believe it was well worth it. What a deal, huh?

I like to keep suspense so I'll do a big reveal of the venue and everything later on.

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