Thursday, June 11, 2009


So, this post will be a little scatter-brained but will feature some note-worthy updates I think you all should know.

1) Remember the post where I stated I won't do a father-daughter dance? Well, forget the statement. I underestimated my dad's willingness and have found out to my surprise and excitement that he would love to do the dance! And so Chrisette Michele's "Your Joy" it is.

2) I will not be using the Lauryn Hill song "Tell Him" to walk down the aisle to. After some discussion with my mother, we thought it might not set the right tone. Instead, we're opting for my first choice, "No One Else" by Amel Larrieuex. I'm happy about the decision because it was my first choice, and the words really relate to my FH and I.

3) I started a wedding website! Yay! I'm so happy because it matches our invitations and I think will be an important aspect for our guests. I'm not giving the adress out to anyone yet because I want to finish the basics. But I love it!

And tomorrow marks the year countdown to our wedding! Thanks for keeping up with my blog! That's all, folks!


  1. can you put up a YouTube video of "No One Else"? I could look it up myself, but I want YOU to do it. haha.

  2. Your Joy by Chrisette is such a beautiful song!

  3. I didn't put one up because I couldn't find a good version on youtube or anywhere else! It was frustrating. And yeah, I love "Your Joy"!