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How We Chose Our Date

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The Twelfth of June, Two Thousand Ten

June 12th, 2010

This is the date I came up with. The FH was just excited to be married, and wasn't particular about a date.

We first started narrowing in on a time based on practicality. We're both students. We wouldn't want to get married during the school year because that would be too much. Who wants to get married on Saturday, and have to come back to a mid-term or paper due Monday? So one of the school breaks sounded best.

*I know, if we were in "the real world" we'd have to go back to work. But why not take advantage of being a student and get married when we have no pressing responsibility?

We decided summer would be best. That way, I could gaurantee our junior attendants on my side of the family would be out of school. And we could take an immediate honeymoon, no missing class, no asking for time off from any potential job.

Summer 2010 is going to be a big summer for us. I'll turn 21 a mere five days before we wed. But that's as far as milestones go for me. My FH will have graduated from undergrad school, and it will be the summer before he starts med-school. (I'll have a year left of undergrad).

It sounded good. But then I asked, what's the difference between summer 2010 and summer 2011? Why not wait until after I graduated?

Well, we've already went through one separation where he moved on to college while I was in my senior year of high school. I remember helping him move into his dorm, and after we were just hanging around, excited that he was starting college, he said he really wished I was coming with him. I remember wanting to be there for him. But I was 17, what could I do?

This time around, I really want to be there for him. We've been talking about medical school ever since I can remember. How big of a deal it is to him. When you're close, your partner's dreams become as important to you as they are to them. I knew that I didn't want him to feel alone embarking on such a big step in his life. We've been together through a lot, and I feel confident that we've proven to be a good support system. Living together as husband and wife, during such an important moment in our lives, is icing on the cake.

So the summer was set. Now the actual date. I'm a little selfish, I love my birthday month. I always thought it was cool how my older sister was born May 8th and I was born June 7th. I was born a month after and a day before her. So, how to recreate the cool coincidence? My parents anniversary! (Sorry, my FH's parents are divorced). They were married 21 years ago, on May 13th. Sooo, setting a wedding date June 12th would be in the same pattern as my sister's and my birthdays.

And I also thought the number 12, written out or in numerical form would look good on the invitations. Odd, but even more odd is my mom, my sisters, and one of my bridesmaid's agreed.

Anyone else have a process for choosing their wedding date?

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