Monday, July 13, 2009

And the Bride Wore Pink...

Ok ladies. I've been holding out. As soon as I got that other dress in the mail (the one that didn't work out) I went right back online to search.

And I found

You can shop by dress color and I looked at the white section first, obviously. But then I looked under pink, just for fun, and I found the dress pictured above. I fell in love. My mom fell in love. My sister fell in love. My FI fell in love.


Yes, I let him see the dress online. Big deal, lol. He won't ever get to see me try it on, though.

I ordered it, and got it in the mail less than a week later. The best thing about it... IT LOOKS JUST LIKE THE PICTURE and fits PERFECTLY. Thank God!!!! And I honestly love it. I don't think I even want a second reception dress because I love this one so much.

This dress is actually more in line with how I've always envisioned myself on my wedding day. I saw myself strapless, and nothing too poofy. The dress has material that lingers in the back, almost like it has a train. It definitely feels wedding-y, and the material is very soft.

There's a lot I like about this dress. It was under budget ($300), and its not like its a dress I'll see at a million other weddings. In the end, you just have to "do you." Some may think its sooo weird and a big deal that it's not white. I could care less. I always wanted to wear a beautiful pink dress, but never found one for both of my proms. (Where was this site when I was in high school?!). I'm definitely glad I said "yes" to the dress!


  1. This is really beautiful! congrats! I'm so excited for you! I really need to call you this afternoon so we can catch up. No work, right?

  2. I like! My type of dress - - simple elegance. And the soft pink is beautiful. Congrats! One more thing to scratch off your list.

  3. I love how elegant the dress is! I'm sure it looks amazing!