Saturday, September 19, 2009

Details, Details, Details

Did you know you can design your own Kleenex Tissue boxes? DIY addicted brides, brace yourselves.

If you head over to, you will find examples of probably their number one target market: soon-to-be brides. I believe this product will tap into any bride-to-be's obssession with all things sentimental. I say this half jokingly, half critically, and half personally. (Okay, that's three halves, whatever).

I do think this is a cute purchase idea for any bride who feels compelled to design her own box. I mean, who doesn't need to have tissues on deck at a wedding? Of all the crazy things that have become wedding-related, this actually somewhat makes sense to me.

Each box is about $4.99 plus shipping. In order to make your own design, you have to install a free mode of software called Microsoft Silverlight.

If you wanted to downsize and not spend money on enough personalized tissue boxes to accomodate all of your guests, you could definitely print up a few to have at key locations or for certain people. To be a little more practical, you could buy enough boxes to divide among your wedding attendants who will be standing at the altar, Mothers of the the bride and groom, immediate family and for yourself in your dressing room beforehand.

As far as providing tissue boxes for everyone else? I'd rely on good ole Dollar Tree. ;)

Maybe I'll do what I suggest and buy a few. But I typically am very conservative with my money, so we'll see.

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