Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wouldn't This Be Fun?

I came across a few blogs out there that mentioned doing a final dance for the bride and groom. It's one last chance to have the spotlight on the couple before they leave the reception.

As I was going through my CDs and uploading them laboriously to my new laptop, I came across Nelly Furtado's album, Loose. While I was a big fan of her debut into the music world, she has since declined on my list of favorite artists. I still think she's gorgeous!

Her last saving grace with me was her song "Showtime" from Loose. I think it's representative of some of the feelings many of us will experience (or have experienced) on our wedding day. And why not have one more "Look at me!" moment? That's what the whole wedding is for anyway, right?

Perhaps the hubby and I will groove to this song before we say goodbye to our beloved friends and family for the night. I think it'll be fun!

***Disclaimer: Ms. Furtado never made a video for this song. This was posted by some entertainment group not related to her. I just wanted you to be able to hear it. And the video gets a little graphic at 2:15!! Lol

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