Sunday, September 6, 2009

In Love With Our Website!!!

I have been cheating on this wedding blog with *gasp* our wedding website!
I'm addicted to it. I can't leave it and it can't leave me. Seriously!

I log onto it, and always find new things to do. New pictures to add. Text that I can re-word or ways to rearrange the pages. I am surprised I find it so entertaining and rewarding, but it is.

I have my website through On my website are the following pages:

Home Page
Our Story
Wedding Events
Guest Book
Photo Galleries
Contact Us is really, super easy. You just sign up and you can plug in information at will. As far as I know, you don't use html codes and I don't think the templates are flexible as far as design goes. But that works out perfect for me! I hate getting caught up in little details, and I had a completely designed website, for FREE! It looks nice and coordinates with our invitations (by chance, I found a template that did. Although, they offer packages where you can buy matching invitations to their pre-designed templates).

They suggest pages for you to use, and then you can customize four pages of completely different categories, if you need to. I've taken to searching random names of couples websites to get ideas on what to put on my website. (that's where I got the idea).

Because my wedding is still so far away (to me) I have found working on the wedding website to be the most rewarding, and the most satisfying when it comes to relieving me of my unending questions of how this wedding is all going to come together. It's the one place I can go where I can see all things in my wedding, and how it will be presented to our guests in one neat little package.

I will be putting the link to our website in our invitations. I'm thinking invitations will go out around Jan/Feb. This gives me plenty of time to work out all the kinks and get the website to perfection before any guests see it.

Perhaps I'll give you a blow-by-blow of each page on our website, and why I thought it was important, etc. Above is a screenshot of our homepage!

Is anyone else really pleased with how their wedding website is turning out? Leave a comment!


  1. Wedding websites are great! I've created one myself and have really enjoyed the process. I'm always re-working sentences and changing content. I understand your passion as well. I think this is the funnest thing I've done since I started the wedding planning process.

    I'm sure your wedding guests are going to love it.

    I hope you have a great wedding!

    - Mary

  2. I can attest to that. My wife and I went through too. She was on it way more than I could ever think to be, but I did appreciate that it was really easy to put together and customize and whatnot.